Friday, December 28, 2007

Evolution... of this blog. of me.

Here I am sitting in New Hampshire. I used the word evolution while talking to Evan. Evolution... this blog seems to be more of my own journal now. A journal for my thoughts, my feelings and my experience.

Is what I am doing here worth it? Does it make me feel good? Is it part of a better life. You could definitely look it both ways. One is that I am informing others of the importance of voting and the position of Dennis Kucinich (who I will vote for). The other is that so many people don't listen, aren't home is it worth my effort? I sometimes think I would rather be in MD writing, or reading, or even getting a winter job. Is this worth it? I don't know. It has its ups and down but I realized that politics in its entirety isn't necessarily for me. I find my passion lies with the sciences, with health and business and sports and music. For some reason, these conversations on all the different political leaders and the different ideas they are important but they don't command my attention does as the great song I love. Does that speak something of me? I don't even know.

It's only the first full day. We will see where this goes.

A weird side note, Thanks "Spikes" for that phone call. I know I don't have to thank you, but gratitude and appreciation are essential in the evolution of me. :)

So thank you all,
Even if no ones reading this,

For me being able to write and to express my feelings.
I thank the world,



candy said...

youre inspiring.

Brian 'Hobbes' Wu said...

Thank you.

Do you have a blog I can visit?