Saturday, January 26, 2008

Taking the First Step

So after all this reading and learning, isn't it time to take the first step? That's a bit of an exageration. I have done many things to improve my life, but I'd like to say today is my first step.

I'm going to read much more, classics, personal development books, good articles online, anything and everything.

I'm going to cut out TV for the most part. Maybe a little sportscenter a day.

I'm going to keep exercising and eating healty.

I'm going to continue to improve my life by doing the things I want to learn and do (i.e. cooking).

Let's have some fun.


Joanne said...

Hey Brian, thanks for the fb friend add. You should check out this site, for sure. It's a really nifty excel spreadsheet of 1001 classics that helps tracks those books to be read in a person's lifetime. Granted, it's just a list and not to be blindly followed, but it's a good guide (I think the list's focus is on the development of the fiction-novel through the centuries). I've only read 55 on the list, but am working on's fun to check things off, lols.